As an integral and substantial component of Tirana Design Week 2019, the International Scientific Conference aims at exploring contemporary research activities and design tactics that deal with the topic of non-normativity in design from different perspectives and within different fields of interest, directly or indirectly related to design, architecture, urban studies, sociology, environmental research, engineering, education and pedagogy. The Conference’s purpose is to bring together academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, and professionals, to exchange and share their experiences and research results related to design speculations in times of Uncertainty and Non-Normativity. The main theme includes interrelated issues, each of them calling for a variety of interdisciplinary approaches. The event will be divided into substantive sessions, providing the opportunity to focus on specific areas from their perspective and national experiences.

Within this broader framework, four contexts (Research and Methods, History and Theory, Innovative Processes, and Philosophy and Objects) and a series of keywords (…) have been identified to trace the path for the debates and discussion. Each participant is free to choose the main contexts and to select one – or even two when needed – subtopic that can structure the research framework of his contribution. Papers from the fields of design, sociology, architecture, urbanism practices, business, leisure and cultural studies, geography, anthropology are welcome, as much as other sciences not mentioned above.

With this premise, the conference will be a great opportunity for academics – and professionals - from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research outcomes; to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions and to establish long-lasting contacts with professionals in other countries and institutions.


So, we invite you to contribute with papers and presentations, as well to participate in ‘The 1st International Scientific Conference of the Tirana Design Week 2019.’


The Call for Papers is addressing researchers, professionals, and experts, who have developed relevant studies in the fields of design, architecture, business models, leisure, social studies, engineering, anthropology, etc., in the framework of the Foreseeing Uncertainty: Design & the Non-Normativity’ theme. Each participant is free to choose one of the four main contexts – and related keywords – to attempt to investigate the topic  non-normativity in Design from his specific and unique point of view.

Conference Location: about POLIS University

Initially located in the very central urban core of Tirana, at a later stage POLIS decided to move into its own new modern premises just in the middle of the most rapidly-growing metropolitan corridor connecting Tirana with its International Airport and the main Albanian Port City of Durres.


A participatory team of staff and students designed and supervised the implementation of the main buildings. The campus represents an excellent example of contemporary architecture with public spaces and green, sport, parking facilities. The project concerned the adaptation of existing industrial structures, as well as the addition of innovative structural, environmental and energy efficiency strategies. The unique interiors are carefully designed and full of light and transparency.


The university campus is located 5 km from the city center and has its own free “shuttle bus services” 08.00 mornings and 18.00 evenings, not to mention several very economic public-transportation means during the day. The university promotes walking, biking and “car-sharing” practices. The campus is open 24 hours / 7 days / throughout the year, for its own students and staff. POLIS is a smoking-free area and free wireless internet service is also available. Cultural, social and sport facilities make it also accessible for outsiders, families, friends and guests. The ratio “m2 per student” is the highest in Albania at 1:12.


Polis University is a strategic partner of Tirana Municipality ( for the cultural and intellectual life of Tirana. POLIS  organizes serious international activities like: “TAW, Tirana Architecture Weeks”,  “TDW Tirana Design Weeks” or supports “TICAB - Tirana International Contemporary Art Biennale” , “48 Hours Film Project” and “International Animated Film Festival of Shkodra” etc.


Rruga Bylis 12, Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës, Km 5, Kashar, SH2,

Tiranë 1051

Moreover the “AUA, Albanian Union of Architects and Urban Planners” headquarter offices are located close to POLIS.


The University has the most specialized library in Albania in the field of Contemporary Arts, Architecture and Sciences of the City. Students and staff often organize public performances, social activities or “urban provocation” events in the city. U_POLIS, periodically plans the calendar for the exhibitions of students of architecture, art – design, young professionals and also artists and international guests through “MAD Center & Gallery” or “Arch-House”.


Beside interesting publications which can be found in “Bookstore, TEG” and “Adrion Intl. Library”, U_POLIS publishes the Periodic Scientific Magazine focused on Architecture and Urban Planning named “Forum A+P”. During the year POLIS University also organizes professional and intellectual weekly events, called “Open Forums”, or film projections in “Cine_POLIS”. U_POLIS runs summer schools, international workshops and conferences. Initiatives like “Walking the City”, Social clubs “Book + Tea” or  “GooGoats” are an attraction not only for the local community, but also for visitors.

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