Urban Planning Scenarios in Japan, Asia and Albania.

Workshop proposal, Tirana Design Week 2019


Maki Morikawa


What is your urban planning scenario? - through the cases in Japan, Asia and Albania -


1. Objective and content:

This workshop aims to foster planning mind of the students through exploring how to deal with current urban issues which are much complex and widespread. It is taken up both strategic and dialogical approaches for planning urban development, and topics are comprehensive master plan, community development planning, and scenario planning. The lecture(s) introduce theoretical background and lessons/learnt by various practical cases in Japan, Asian countries and Albania.


The workshop consists of a series of lecture, discussion, and group work. Active participation in the discussion and group work is requested.


It is not required for the students/participants to attend this workshop about special and prior knowledge on topics to be discussed, but expected strong interests in the contents of the workshop.


2. Language



3. Schedule

(1) First Day

- Introduction of the workshop

- Lecture on how to deal with complexed and widespread urban issues; current urban situation in the world and introduction of planning method taken up this workshop

- Lecture on comprehensive master plan; setting strategy, utilizing geographic and social views, prioritizing necessary projects, etc.

- Discussion

- Group work


(2) Second Day

- Review of the first day

- Lecture on community development planning; how to initiate both individual and community, collaboration with stakeholders especially for municipality/government and planning experts, participatory planning, etc.

- Discussion

- Group work


(3) Third Day

- Review of the second day

- Lecture on Scenario Planning; how to explore uncertain situation and future through data analysis and dialog with persons concerned.

- Discussion

- Group work


(4) Fourth Day

- Group work for scenario making


(5) Fifth Day

- Consultation by the lecture(s)

- Group work for finalization of the scenario and preparation for final presentation.


(6) Sixth (Last) Day

- Presentation of the scenario by each group

- Comment and feedback

- Closing



Maki Morikawa, Ph.D. (Mr.)






Maki Morikawa, Ph.D. (Mr.)


Born in Tanabe city, Wakayama Prefecture of Japan in 1969. He studied urban geography and planning at the undergraduate and master’s course, then after 8 years professional assignments, focused in the field of urban planning and development with both engineering and social perspectives at the doctor’s course of Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. His main research area was planned cities in Asia, especially in the South Asian countries. He had lived in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan and planned by well-known Greek architect Doxiades, for around five years in total as a student for conducting survey as well as a staff member of the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan for advisory work. He obtained Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Tokyo in March 2011.


His first professional assignment was an officer of Asia/Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO, managing various projects on how to facilitate and accelerate urban conservation activities in Asia and the Pacific areas. Then, he served as Research Fellow of Rikkyo University Centre for Asian Area Studies, Tokyo to conduct research aiming at finding out the approaches of appropriate coordination with an urban comprehensive plan and community-based micro plan. And, he joined Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) as a country officer in the Department which covers Turkey, Eastern Europe and Pakistan. His charge at JBIC was to manage several Japanese ODA loan projects on urban transport such as subway in Istanbul (Marmaray Commuter Line), urban circular railway in Karachi, Pakistan, and formulation of regional development projects in Turkey, etc.  JBIC merged with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2008, JICA has been implementing the Loan project after the merger.


JICA sent him to its Myanmar office in July 2012 as a project formulation advisor for infrastructure and urban development. He provided technical advice and supervised lots of Grant, Loan and Technical Cooperation projects in those field until July 2015. He took on a new assignment at JICA headquarters, Tokyo, as a senior advisor for urban and regional development. He supervised preparation and implementation of various urban comprehensive master plans and urban transport master plans, as well as urban/regional development activities, those in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Iran, Jordan, DR Congo, etc. He also supervised several training courses on urban development in Japan and Singapore. He attended significant international conferences, e.g. Habitat III (2017 in Quito), and served as a member of JICA’s advisory committee on urban transport development projects as well as station area development projects.


Since August 2018, he has a tittle of technical advisor (Urban Development and Transport Infrastructure), Department of Infrastructure and Peacebuilding of JICA and has been living in Tirana.



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