Uncertain reality

Workshop proposal, Tirana Design Week 2019


Stefano Romano


The idea of the workshop is connected to the main theme of the Tirana Design Week; Foreseeing Uncertainty. The workshop aimed to reflect on the multiple interpretation of reality, on the point of view we build into the landscape inside we move. Specifically we will work on the daily landscape, the urban landscape, made of habits, of roads walked forward and backward, of deviant and hidden paths; a landscape made of new buildings and old points of view. A combination of emotions and obsessions that, through the work of 4 days, we will try to shake, swallow and digest in new shapes. The starting points will be the personal experience and the interaction with the flow of events and spaces of the city.


Workshop agenda

Day 1

- Morning. Workshop presentation and presentation of the workshop participants.

- Afternoon. Creating new points of view [walking through the outskirts, collecting documentation material].

Day 2

- Morning. Working critique activity [definition of some personal itineraries], walking through the personal itineraries, observations

and notes for possible actions.

- Afternoon. Working critique activity, optimization and formalization of participant’s projects.

Day 3

- Morning. Action in the defined urban spaces.

- Afternoon. Action in the defined urban spaces.

Day 4

- Morning. Working critique activity, optimization and formalization of final projects of the participants.

- Afternoon. Installation of the projects in the exhibition space.

Day 5

- Afternoon. Inauguration of the workshop exhibition.


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Stefano Romano, works in a processual field, through temporary actions, performances, installations, video and photographic works. He realizes ephemeral, diasporic actions built according to a rigid grammatical structure capable of always generating unexpected situations, making the artist the first spectator of himself. His work focuses on the contradictions of social reality, always investigated through a light look, capable of creating transitory and unexpected images.

He works from more than a decade in Albania where he conceived several projects as artist as well as curator. His work has been exhibited in national and international exhibitions including:

Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone (Milano, Italy), Rotor (Graz, Austria), Autostrada Biennale (Prizren, Kosovo), Stamp Gallery (College Park, Maryland U.S.A.); Tulla Culture Center (Tirana, Albania); Palazzo della Misericordia all’interno di ArtDate - Dialogo nel tempo (Bergamo, Italy); Studio Tommaseo (Trieste, Italy); BACO arte contemporanea (Bergamo, Italy); TICA AIRLab c/o Tirana Ekspress (Tirana, Albania); Artopia Gallery (Milano, Italy); Careof (Milano, Italy); Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy); GAMeC area Palestra, (Bergamo, Italy); Galleria Alice & altri lavori in corso (Roma, Italy); 54° Biennale di Venezia – Padiglione delle Accademie di Belle Arti, Arsenale (Venezia, Italy); Macro Future (Roma Italy); GC.AC (Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy); Neon campo base (Bologna, Italy); Triennale (Milano, Italy); Chelsea Art Museum (New York, USA); The Kosova Art Gallery (Prishtinë, Kosovo); Tirana Bienale3 (Tirana, Albania); Museo d’arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce (Genova, Italy); The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artist, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Vrsac/Belgrade Serbia e Montenegro); Via Farini (Milano, Italy); Boston Cyberarts Festival, Coolidge Corner Theatre (Boston U.S.A.); Centre Culturel Francais de Turin (Torino, Italy).

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