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Ervin Goci


27 September 2023 – h. 11@Berk

This event is possible thanks to the cooperation with Berk
Full-time lecturer at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Communications and Journalism. Apart from teaching journalism courses, he has also taught a number of courses related to the theory of public space and urban commons. He is an urban activist who has supported many social causes in Albania initiated mainly by non-governmental organizations, activists, and grassroots movements on issues such as environmental damage and gentrification of the city. He collaborates with a diverse group of people from the neighborhoods of Tirana to raise awareness about social and environmental problems among the general public. One of the main protests that he has participated to is a 4-month long protest in the Artificial Lake of Tirana aiming to prevent the municipality from implementing a project that would cut down many trees and therefore pollute the only green area (park) in Tirana. Currently, he is part of a protest that has started in February 2018 in the square of the National Theatre building complex. The government is planning to demolish the building, which was until recently part of a list of buildings in an area under protection in Tirana. This protest has been on-going for two years now, and since July 2019 the activists have occupied and protect the building 24/24 hours a day.
For more info: http://cultureforsolidarity.eu/bio/ervin-goci